John’s Letter to Army Ranger Brothers

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To all that are concerned about John’s plight and what has happened to John since 2012 when he was wrongly convicted of rape by a woman who had just been jilted and we believe was used by corrupt law enforcement to trap John: I am John’s Aunt Carol and basically have taken over all his financial and legal [...]

Update from Aunt Carol

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My husband and I just went to visit John last week—this is his first visitation since November of 22. And he’s been in Solitary confinement since December of 22, that’s 16 months…… all under illegal charges in retaliation for being a Whistleblower about the horrid conditions and abusive treatment at KY State Penitentiary. You can find [...]

Discipline, Dignity and Respect

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Dignity emits from the man, not necessarily the situation. It’s a lesson I learned from my past life as an Airborne Ranger and has served me well here, in Hell… My name is John Calvin Buckley, IV and in my previous life, I was a decorated Operator in the Special Operations community. Serving with distinction in 3rd [...]