John Buckley believed in a legal system that would support what’s right. He believed that the American justice he had risked his life for in the Middle East would follow him into the courtroom.

John felt he had two choices – take a plea deal that would have him admit to a crime he did not commit and have his three daughters grow up always wondering, knowing that he had made this admission; or, fight the false charges to have his name cleared by the Kentucky legal system so he could walk proud.

John believed in his heart that the system would not fail him, an innocent man. Until it did. Like so many others he had his life, and his family, ripped away. All because he would not bow to pressure to admit to a crime he did not commit. Because he had faith that the system would work.

We share this personal letter for all of the fathers wrongly taken from their families by our legal system, but most of all for John’s three girls, who he loves more than words can say.