A Hostage of the Commonwealth

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Feb. 2022 My friends, It’s been a little while since I’ve written a new update so I figure its time. In short—I’m still housed at KY State Penitentiary and have managed to endure another holiday season as a hostage of the Commonwealth. Not only have I missed so many with my loved ones, but the 13th [...]

Was It Worth It?

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Dear Reader, If you keep up with me, I assume you know my origin story: Army Ranger, wrongly convicted and incarcerated for a heinous crime, of which the Commonwealth of Kentucky is fully aware I am innocent of. One of the first 100 soldiers to set foot in Afghanistan (and by proxy the entire Global War [...]

Legal Update – Federal appeal October 2021

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LEGAL UPDATE - OCTOBER 2021 Having denied John justice at the State level, the legal arena has now moved to the Federal Level. It is October 12th, 2021. This ordeal for John Buckley and his family began over Memorial Day in 2010. That night, he was wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a woman who introduced [...]

John update 9/26

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Dear Reader, So it seems I’ve come full circle. When my aunt Carol and I began this journey of informing you all about my nightmare existence here in Kentucky, I was buried in the deepest, darkest hole the Commonwealth had at Kentucky’s only Max Security Penitentiary, the end of the line for an inmate…Eddyville. They send [...]

June 2021 Update

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June 23, 2021 To my supporters and all curious people, It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update but as I’m sure you’re aware, the hostage crisis continues.  My new federal appeal lawyer, H. Lewis Sirkin, is fantastic!  Recommended to me by my Ranger brother Mac Adams Esq.  We are appealing my fallacious conviction [...]

March 2021 Update

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Hey all!It’s been a little while since my last update, so I figure it’s about time for one. It’s about 2AM on the morning of my middle daughter’s birthday and as I’ve mentioned frequently, this time of year is tough. Instead of Joy, each holiday or celebratory day serves as a reminder of another missed experience [...]

December 2020 Update

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Hello All! It’s been a while since I’ve written an update. It seems like since I wrote last (one), the entire world changed. However, because it’s nearing the end of the year, I am going to try to get a few of these out. I’m generally no good at the end of the year; starting on [...]

October 2020 Update

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Hello friends! John Calvin’s Aunt Carol here. I hope everyone is managing to stay well and safe during these crazy times we’re in, and that you’re able to find some peace and joy in each day. We are trying to remind ourselves to do that every day. If there ever was a time to be thankful [...]

June 2020 Update

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Hello everyone!   This is Carol Buckley Frazier, John Calvin’s Aunt, and I wanted to share an update of my own with you.  I try to keep in close touch with John thru phones calls and emails, which can be challenging for John who has to find a phone available at the time is out of his [...]