The dream/nightmare always brings up the same melancholy, along with the same questions for God: How does an innocent person come to prison?

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The dream sequence is always the same. I’m 18 years old and an Army Ranger, one of the nation’s most elite fighting operators. Tonight is a big night. Only a few short weeks ago, I watched in horror along with the rest of America as our innocent countrymen were murdered by terrorists on 9-11. My [...]

20th Anniversary of the Iraq War Update

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My name is John C. Buckley IV, my yard name is "Ranger". The reasons for this is because I was a member of the elite 3rd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment for deployments to both Afghanistan & Iraq. As we are in the 20th year remembrance of the invasion of Iraq, I am reminded of [...]

Update 12/5/2022

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Hello everyone, this is Carol Buckley Frazier, John Calvin’s Aunt. I’ve been involved in John’s case for the past several years, trying to help overturn his unjust conviction, helping to manage his finances and making it very clear that he is well loved and missed. It’s been a while since I’ve written an update, mainly because [...]

Update – The Broken Grievance Process

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Hello All! Another day of the hostage crisis.  I have much to share in this latest update. For one, I’m just recovering from COVID.  And yes, I was still in Solitary (the Hole) even though I was not supposed to be.  When this is published, I may still be there.  Believe me, “hell hole” named Cell [...]

Update 7-12-2022 – For Profit Prison Contractors

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7/12/2022 I’ve thought long and hard about how to specifically craft this letter. I’m sitting in a 4x6 cell in isolation, without resources. Just a pen and paper and my brain. Trying to process how COVID 19 has exposed the massive failure that is mass incarceration. Since I don’t have my actual possessions with me or [...]

Update Healthcare System

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I used to think the most interesting thing about me was my time in the service which started with parachuting into Afghanistan (Objective Rhino) right after 9-11 and dropping in behind enemy lines 2 months before the invasion of Iraq began, but it’s probably that for the last decade plus I’ve been incarcerated for a crime [...]

Update 5-30-2022

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This update might be somewhat of a controversial one amongst the incarcerated population. So I’ll use broad strokes to paint this picture.. It’s no big secret that there are drugs in prisons. They are smuggled inside in dozens of ingenious ways and depending on how much or how little are available on the yard at a [...]

John’s Open letter to KY Gov. Beshear, KY DOC Commissioner Crews and KY Atty General Cameron

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The following Open Letter is written by my nephew, John Calvin Buckley, an inmate at KY State Penitentiary.  The situation inside KSP—and we believe most KY prisons right now—is incredibly dangerous to inmates AND guards and is beyond any decency towards human beings that are supposed to be adequately cared for by the state, and whose [...]