While communication with John can be tough, he hears about your support and wanted to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt thank you from behind bars. John will spend his 6th birthday since being wrongly imprisoned in a Kentucky jail tomorrow. If you’d like to send him a message of support or encouragement it would mean the world to him. As we’re sure you can appreciate prison can be a lonely place, and we’d love to bring some goodwill into John’s life from the outside. If you’ll send your messages to JusticeForJohnBuckley@gmail.com we will get them to John as quickly as we’re able.

Now, a letter from the inside:

Well it’s holiday season again. You’d be suprised at how fast time flies when you’re incarcerated. This week I’ll turn 35. My 30’s are disappearing on me and I’ve spent them all in prison. This time of year can be pretty depressing for those of us behind bars but I think due to my time in the military (and growing up in a military family) I’ve come to see the holidays as just another set of days. It’s only you all and my baby girls that I miss, but I miss you guys all the time so like I said, it’s pretty much the status quo. Another Veterans Day has come and gone. I can’t help but to look at the other Veterans around me (especially the Combat Veterans) and think of what a shame it is that this “out of sight, out of mind” dynamic exists in our society. 35% of the 2.3 million incarcerated Americans in this country are Veterans with millions more wrapped up in the Probation/Parole systems. Being a Veteran does not entitle someone to break the law and get away with it. But, especially as concerns our combat Veterans, I do believe that they are entitled to a diagnostic approach to their issues as opposed to a decisional one that locks them away (out of sight, out of mind).

Finally, my appeal has been filed. It is amazing! After reading it, I do not know how on earth I ever came to prison. A copy of it has been 

[Note: We are working to add this new filing to the website and will link it shortly.] added to the website for you all to read. I know these issues are uncomfortable and taboo. But, my friends, I am innocent. For those of you that have read the opinion of the Kentucky Supreme Court from my direct appeal, please keep in mind that my Direct Appeal was based upon ONLY the things that were preserved during my trial. If my inept trial attorney did not object during my trial, than the issue was not preserved. In my opinion that opinion cast me in a negative light. Please read the appeal for the whole story. I know that most people believe that I did not get a fair trial, but what is more, I am actually innocent. No one can understand how the “legal” system can be manipulated unless they experience it for themselves. Given the proper motivation, the actors in our legal system can deprive someone of their freedom no matter WHO they are.

God bless you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’d love to hear from you guys.

– John