Legal Update

Update from Aunt Carol: The Civil Lawsuit

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Hello everyone!  This is John’s Aunt Carol bringing you up to date on the lawsuit John has filed “pro se” (“written for oneself on one’s behalf”), something many inmates do to make sure their legal complaints become part of a court record and don’t just fall down a deep dark hole somewhere. Many times this precedes [...]

Legal Update – October 2019

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LEGAL UPDATE - OCTOBER 2019 It is October 18, 2019. This ordeal for John Buckley and his family began over Memorial Day in 2010. That night, he was wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a woman who introduced him to bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. When John decided he no longer wanted her in his life and [...]

Legal Update – December 2017

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12.3.17: We are VERY excited to share the latest legal filing in John’s case. It’s a bit of a read, but we promise what’s below tells a shocking story of wrongful imprisonment and denial of basic American freedoms that will leave you with worries that the same could happen to your own father, brother, or son. [...]