Hello everyone,

Ranger Buckley here. It’s hostage crisis day 2000 + something… It’s been awhile since I updated you all, as a matter of fact I can’t even remember the last time that I did it. The parameters are the same as always, I’ve only got 12 minutes as of right now to finish writing this and I can’t copy/paste or spell check so forgive me for any errors.

Currently I am very into my music. I have a band behind me and we play all original songs written by me. It’s been a spiritual experience to be in the band room creating amazing art with other talented (much more talented than me) musicians. I wish I could let you guys hear some of my songs but I’m sure that KYDOC in all of their facist glory would claim that was some kind of a security threat or something.

I’m also writing a couple of 10 minute plays. I’m workshopping them with a few other guys that have similar artistic interests. The title of the one I’m working on now is “Off the Grid.” It’s actually kind of nuts but it’s a good outlet.
My health is as good as can be expected. About 6 weeks ago I got MRSA on my left leg. Trust me when I tell you that I am crazy about my hygiene but sadly this place is so filthy that it’s impossible to avoid. Crazy that I was in so many unhygienic situations in third world countries during my time in the military and never was exposed to such filth, however I was never exposed to such depravity or tyranny as that which I have experienced in my own country (through my experiences with the “Legal” system). 4 polyps were removed from my lower intestine when I was given a colonoscopy and although they said they were non cancerous apparently they were abnormal for my age. Still, I am healthy enough to defend myself and continue the fight for my freedom. Justice must prevail. I thank you all for your support. Just your taking the time to read this means the world to me. I hope you all are well.

John IV