How 2 Minutes Can Help Free an Innocent Man2024-03-20T09:35:08-06:00

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate your help more than words can say. Please add your signature to this petition asking officials to take another look at John’s case. You can make a difference.

Sign The Petition!

We are hopeful there may be some of you out there with more direct connections to Kentucky decision-makers or political players, and would love your help as well. If you believe you have a way for us to get our message to their ears please email

Our family’s resources have run dry fighting this case for years, and we are now asking for help. Every donation aids in securing John a competent defense team, please consider what you would do if you were facing the next 40 years without your father, brother, or son.

Alternate options are available, please contact for information.