Is This Kentucky Justice?2024-07-09T14:57:47-06:00

John Buckley was convicted of a crime that there was no proof of. The verdict was reached through corruption and deceit, including intimidation and  manipulation of “witnesses” by the state. If an innocent man can be put in jail for life because he crossed the wrong cop then we’re all in danger.

We love our country, and John’s family has served in the U.S. military for generations defending it. They have deep roots in Kentucky itself, the site of this travesty, and it hurts their hearts to see what the term “Kentucky Justice” has come to mean. The bottom line is that this is not the justice we want, not for anyone in America. Many have given their lives for this country and its beliefs. Justice for all is the cry, yet justice is being betrayed by those we elect to serve the people.

Follow this list of facts and think…is this what we want Kentucky Justice to be?

  1. During John’s trial there was no physical proof to support the allegations against him.
  2. John was never allowed to speak to the ongoing relationship with his accuser.
  3. John was never allowed to testify about the circumstances of his last encounter with his accuser.
  4. John was not allowed to tell the jury that his accuser had made false rape allegations against other men, or to discuss their relationship at all. He was also not allowed to mention that she called another man to have sexual relations just hours after the alleged encounter.
  5. There were no allegations of sexual misconduct until after a colleague of Mr. Cobb (the since-disgraced officer who vowed to put John in jail for shaming him) showed up on the scene.
  6. A polygraph (lie detector) test administered by a former FBI Polygraph Examiner and Coordinator showing John’s innocence was not admitted as evidence.
  7. Serving our country became a crime when the prosecution made no allegations of direct force or threat in their case, instead insisting that John’s military training was a threat on its own.
  8. The judge who sentenced John gave a man who murdered his own mother and chopped her into piece 25 years. To John, he gave 39.

This isn’t how the justice system in America should be, and it’s certainly not Kentucky Justice. Click here to join us in asking officials for change.