Friends, Rangers, other vets, and family of John:

Please forgive me for the length of this communication. But it is very important.

We are starting to have an impact! Perhaps the effort to focus on the aberrant acts of Eddyville’s administration through, or the persons signing and commenting on the site, or the legal defense fund coming in through Funded Justice are starting to make a difference. Or, perhaps the fact that John has sued DOC pro se (personally, with no legal counsel) for significant violations of the due process rules that DOC publishes it follows in its procedures manual is why We are starting to see some movement. But here’s the evidence we have now of small change in John’s life, and you can help us make that change better for John.

John was told several days ago that he is being transferred. The KY Department of Corrections (KY DOC or DOC) never, EVER tells you they are transferring you. But this time, they gave John advance notice, informing him that he will be transferred on April 8. He has been in solitary confinement for most of the last year. We have feared for his life, given the arbitrary and capricious actions of the Eddyville authorities, including the warden and his ranking staff.

John requested to be transferred to the Veterans Dorm at Northpoint Corrections. He wants to be amongst fellow veterans, in an environment that at least resembles the one he had in the Army. He thinks he will thrive in this open Dorm…and so do I. However, he must have 6 months good time to go there, based upon Northpoint institutional policy. He does not have that. Only the Director of Corrections can override an institution’s policy.
So, we are asking you to take the proposed letter below as a template. Please change it a little to personalize it. But please FAX it as soon as possible. I know, it’s short notice. I just discovered this little possibility Friday afternoon (March 31). If they don’t receive the fax by 7 April, we may not be able to influence Commissioner Ballard to intercede in the transfer. Please…5 minutes could make a life or death difference in John’s life. And I am NOT exaggerating. Thank you for your willingness to help John. The proposed letter follows. Please insure that you put your name and address, as well as the date, on any letter you fax to the Commissioner. And if you will…please let us know you sent it, so we can know how many letters went to him.

John C. Buckley III

Rodney Ballard, Commissioner
Department of Corrections
Health Services Building
275 East Main Street
P.O. Box 2400
Frankfort, KY 40602-2400

Phone: 502-564-4726
Fax: 502-564-5037

Dear Commissioner Ballard:

The purpose of this letter is to implore you to transfer John C. Buckley IV, #263956, to the Veterans Dorm at Northpoint.
John has been told he will be transferred from Eddyville on April 8. However, Northpoint institutional policies make him ineligible for the Veterans Dorm unless he has 6 months of good time. His family and others have previously outlined for you the incredible accusations with which John has dealt during his nightmare at Eddyville. He has spent many months in solitary confinement, in contravention to Commonwealth law and the Legislature’s intent.
Transferring John to Northpoint now is good for John and good for KY DOC. John will be away from the persecution of Eddyville. He will be with other veterans, in an environment that reminds him of his successful days in the Army. And he has promised Eddyville’s warden that he will follow the rules if allowed to go here. He is not eligible…unless you intercede and order the transfer. As Commissioner, you can override institutional policy.
I implore you to grant this veteran his request. Please transfer John to the Veterans Dorm at Northpoint.