John’s Letter to Army Ranger Brothers

To all that are concerned about John’s plight and what has happened to John since 2012 when he was wrongly convicted of rape by a woman who had just been jilted and we believe was used by corrupt law enforcement to trap John:

I am John’s Aunt Carol and basically have taken over all his financial and legal affairs since 2020 and have been involved in his case since 2015. What has happened to John is outrageous, and in appeal after appeal, the state has denied him on the basis of Procedural elements—you can read these appeals on his website as well (

The woman who accused him introduced him to this sexual lifestyle—it was John’s chosen addiction. I know from my own research and study that war trauma will work its way out in 3 main ways—drugs, sex, alcohol—and of course we know the saddest of all is suicide. Each individual is unique in the way they handle their hurt and pain and of course intense therapy is the best option and not acting out in ways that are self-harming and extending to others. But this was John’s addiction and I can understand that even though I knew absolutely nothing of this world before this happened to John. I know John felt he could compartmentalize this part of his life and still be a straight A student, lead a Veterans group on campus, be an amazing dad and try to keep all other things from falling apart. John is not a BAD person because of this, and he doesn’t deserve to spend basically the rest of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit because the jury found his choices loathsome.

What John has endured over the past 11 years in prison is like nothing you may know about or even imagine. The abuse, the torture, the fear, the isolation, the need to always be looking over your shoulder because as a convicted sex felon and an Army Ranger you are a target in prison. I encourage you to read John’s letters on the website and go back to 2018 if you want to get an idea of what your Brother has been through (

I am reaching out to you with this letter from John—that was written in his first year of prison—as a means to ask you to consider reaching out to John—he will turn 41 on November 22nd and the holidays are torturous in prison. He has been sitting in solitary since January under illegal charges brought against him for whistleblowing about the horrid, abusive and illegal conditions and behavior at KY State Penitentiary since Covid lockdown – you can read about that here ( —not just towards him but many other prisoners—and we are bringing a civil suit right now with the help of John’s federal appeals lawyer joined with 2 well-known civil rights lawyers who specialize in prison misconduct. We are also in the process of hiring a private investigator and cyber forensics expert to find unheard evidence of wrong-doing and lying in John’s trial which includes on the part of the Lexington Police, DA, the “victim” and others. We have a path forward, we have interest in doing a national story about this, and are pursuing all options. KY state leaders at the administrative level, including the governor and the KY DOC Commissioner and others are well-aware through communications with me, family members, interested others and prison justice organizations over the past several years that they have allowed under their watch horrible things to happen in their prisons and have taken no steps to remedy. We are hoping with our civil suit to hold them accountable and get John out of solitary, out of KSP and to another prison where he can have more freedom and can begin to heal from what’s been going on at KSP. Also to have all illegal charges dropped (and yes, we know these are illegal) and his good time restored. In the background, we will be working on finding the new evidence we need for him to have a retrial. Having been denied appeal at both the state and federal level, John’s last hope is to bring something new back to the state court. All of this has taken money and lots of it, and honestly, we are short on funds and the family is depleted. If you could spread the word of our fundraising efforts and contribute yourself, we would be incredibly grateful. You can find the link to his fundraiser here:

Very importantly, John needs your letters of encouragement and to know that he hasn’t been forgotten. The loneliness that I know John is experiencing makes my heart break and I think you would feel the same way. I will tell you, he is holding up as best he can truly being a POW in this situation, and I think that has only been possible because of his Ranger training and the fact that he does have a moral code.

Also, he’s stubborn as Hell, which I’m sure you know… If you would like to write John please reach out to me at

From John:

Let me start by apologizing to you all. I’m sure your feelings on my fight with the “justice” system of Lexington, KY range from “to hell with him” to “what the hell are they doing over there?” I have been very foolish in my associations, however—on my scrolls I did not rape anyone! I was, and still am, utterly ashamed to be accused of such dishonorable conduct. I kept the truth from many of you and for that I am sorry. The truth of it is that I began a fight to the death with the city of Lexington when I put one of their detectives on his neck. I had my little girl and her mom in the car, he was a bully in plain clothes that banged his hand on my car, did not identify himself and attempted to grab my arm on the steering wheel. I assumed we were being car-jacked and took appropriate action to pin him to the ground. He was rudely awakened to a real fighting man and embarrassed in front of his woman. He of course had me arrested; the grand jury took less than 30 mins to throw the case out, blaming him. Thus started the witch hunt for the Ranger that got away. (Please read “John’s Story” and “is This Kentucky Justice” . His farce of a trial is mentioned at length here

I have learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a “justice” system, only a legal system. By this, I mean it’s no longer a system of Constitutional Law but instead a system of Precedential Law and leaving much to the Judge’s discretion. I have fought with everything I have without crossing the threshold of violence. I spent every penny I’ve ever had, my family nearly bankrupted themselves. Brothers, I’m not merely whining because I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar and now I can’t do the time. Many of you know me to be a brother and an honorable man. I would gladly give my life for any one of you.

What is happening to me affects us all and ratifies itself onto the rest of our comrades in the armed forces. I have almost been destroyed not because I actually did anything illegal, but because I was an Army Ranger and thus COULD be violent. COULD be a criminal. In order to attain a conviction of rape, one must use “forcible compulsion”. In a brilliant twist of legal strategy, the anti-Veteran legal system of Lexington, KY used the concept of forcible compulsion—the use of force or threat of force– to include a victims tendency to be intimidated into offering consent to a sex act under duress due to my “extensive training” as a Ranger and propensity for violence due to my combat experience.

To state it more clearly, she consented to the sex—leading me into the room by my hand, removed her own clothing (we had just broken up after a year and a half together), she never said no, stop. She claimed she was afraid to say no because I was a Ranger. Brothers, I had been with this girl for over a year, we had just had sex 3 days prior and on the day in question she never said no.

When my name came up on the blotter, the detective whom I had embarrassed couldn’t wait to glean some vengeance—the SWAT team did a no-knock breach of my home (we believe they were trying to kill me but I had a naked girl in my bed when they came). Sending a SWAT team is reserved for the most dangerous offenders, and according to the warrant they were obliged due to my Ranger training—forced to send 47 officers with M4s into my home. I had successfully defended myself against that rogue officer—charges being dropped by the Grand Jury and officer declared to be to blame.

After arrest, my bond was denied because the prosecution argued to the judge that my Ranger training made me more dangerous than anyone else so I should be kept in jail. Then when I did get a bond, it was higher than people who had murder charges. Going into trial, my lawyer was so confident that the state couldn’t prove their burden (because there was no forcible compulsion) that he did not even prepare to defend me. On the Thursday prior to my trial on Monday in a limine hearing, the prosecutors announced a new theory—forcible compulsion was relevant because the “victim” (whom I had sex with 100s of times and was mad because she’d just been dumped) was afraid to say no—because I was an Army Ranger! And I was a legal gun owner with guns legally stored in my home—not present at all when the SWAT team burst in to arrest me.

Because my kids were in my house much of the week, I NEVER had my firearms out nor did I when they weren’t there. But Jessica said she was also afraid of my guns. To EVERYONE’s shock, the judge allowed it. Then according to the tenets of the rape shield law, the judge dismantled my entire defense—I went from 7 witnesses to 0. My LEGAL guns (1MR Platform without a rear sight aperture or optics, 1 shotgun, 1 pistol and 1 antique rifle from the civil war) were put on display in front of the jury. Experts testified about what my weapons COULD have done to the police HAD I used them (again, they were locked in a closet and pistol locked in a gun safe). There were no allegations at all that I had tried to use my weapons either in the “victims” testimony or the arrest record. The “victim” was allowed to lie about her motives but due to the Rape Shield law, we weren’t able to cross-examine her.

When the jury left that room having heard NONE of the truth, I knew it was over. I had passed 2 polygraphs confirming my innocence and had the jury been able to hear the enormity of the evidence, which included the HISTORY of our consensual BDSM relationship, there is NO possible way I would have been convicted. Watching the jurors leave, I saw everything I believed in, everything we fought for turn to dust—I saw it in their faces.

I lost my home, my money, my honor, my family and most tragically my little girls. I spent a year in the woods living like an animal rather than accept that yoke. Since my capture (again, without ANY violent behavior) I have been kept in isolation 23 hours a day and shackled whenever I come out because I am an Army Ranger and COULD be dangerous. The city of Lexington in typical epic over-kill sent 16 sheriff deputies to bring me back to KY. Brothers, many of you know me. I fought by your side, we drank the same beer, sang the same songs and shed the same blood. We are the same. I have brought dishonor to us all with my poor choices. I did not mean to, on my scrolls I would have rather died than shamed myself and our Regiment in this way. That’s why I kept the truth from many of you.

I‘m a tough guy, I can fight. I can run all day and ruck all night but I am not a match for these people. They have money and power and resources and hatred of warriors unlike anything I ever thought possible. They are the most dishonorable breed of cowards that exist. They have terrorized my children, their mothers, even my mom and grandparents. As badly as I ached to prove them right and show them the Ranger way, I remained peaceful always. I am told that the judge erred grievously in his ruling. The sentence was and is outrageous. My name and reputation have been absolutely trashed in the media. The anti-Veteran sentiment of this hippie college town shocks me even now. They hate what they don’t understand, and they don’t understand their Warriors. What I learned from the first year I did in jail for a crime I was innocent of was that the key to doing time is to surrender to them.

But surrender is not a Ranger word.

I am fighting with everything I have and they have nearly beaten me. I am grasping at straws. I need my brothers, I need you to help me bring awareness to what is going on. They are flouting me as their Ranger trophy. My name has been taken in vain on the DA’s Friday radio show. I will continue to swear on everything I am and have and that is worthy that I did not rape anyone! Anyone could have been in my shoes. If they can do it to me they can do it to any of us. You have a man down on the battlefield and I need help. You can reach me through my Aunt here.

Although I haven’t spoken to them, Jason Grundy (Spoofy) and Ryan Shawack can take the point for the community unless something else can be figured out. I can’t do this on my own anymore. Whatever resources, media contacts or support you can bring to bear to fight these bastards. Readily I will display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission, though I be the Lone Survivor. Rangers Lead the WAY! Even if that means sitting in a hole for the rest of my life.
John Calvin Buckley 1V—RLTW!

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