John has been overwhelmed by the support that’s come out, and he recently took an opportunity using a JPay email terminal in his Kentucky prison to write a letter to you, the supporters who have given him hope. Here is an email directly from inside prison walls to you.

To all my Friends, Family, and Supporters,

Hello to you all. I don’t know why putting personal updates on here sooner never occurred to me but when my Aunt recommended I do it, it made perfect sense. First, since I’ve never gotten the opportunity to thank you all for you support, let me do that. Just by reading this, you are supporting me. I cannot tell you what this means to me. I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve such loyal, loving people but I am blessed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your financial help, spiritual help, and moral support have given me a REAL chance to right this horrible wrong and given me hope for a future outside of these walls. I thank you – thank you – thank you, from the bottom of my broken heart.

My main objective during this hostage crisis, is to try to make the most of the time that “they” are stealing from me. I will never be able to make up the time I have lost with my girls but my hope is that when next we all meet face to face, I am a more interesting, enlightened version of the man you remember. In this context, I try to devote these “dead days” to study, music, and health. I am rigorous about my exercise, music practice, and productive learning. I am learning spanish in the hopes that it will please my oldest daughter Laila (who is half Latina and speaks fluent spanish which makes her daddy very proud). I play guitar 2 hours every day. I read for at least an hour. I spend 3 hours a day in the Legal Library doing various legal projects for myself and other inmates. And I exercise 6 days a week. I keep myself VERY busy so that I have no time for self pity.

I have had some health problems lately (I am embarrassed to learn that the “details” of these health problems were disclosed to you all). The doctor is sending me to a specialist to test me for Cancer or Chrones disease. But I am faring well. With a positive attitude.

I Would LOVE to hear from you guys. Letters and emails are MUCH appreciated. It is a lonely existence in here. I love and appreciate you all. I will update you again soon.


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