Having denied John justice at the State level, the legal arena has now moved to the Federal Level.

It is October 12th, 2021. This ordeal for John Buckley and his family began over Memorial Day in 2010. That night, he was wrongfully accused of sexual assault by a woman who introduced him to bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. When John decided he no longer wanted her in his life and told her their relationship was over, she accused him of rape. John was convicted because of the video tape from that last sexual encounter, and sentenced to 34 years in prison in October 2013.

John filed an appeal of right for constitutional violations, but the KY Supreme Court denied that appeal. Then (and only then) could his legal team begin appealing the ineffective actions of his legal counsel. But that is a long, and lengthy process. It began in 2016, and both the trial court and the KY Court of Appeals denied his request for an evidentiary hearing so John could present the reasons why his attorney did such a miserable job  John’s legal counsel Dan Canon filed John’s second appeal to the KY Supreme Court where it would also be eventually denied.

What follows is the latest brief filed by our federal appeals attorney H. Louis Sirkin who has brought a new strategy to this legal process.  We are very grateful for his tireless efforts to continue this fight to see John walk out of prison an innocent man.

#36 - Buckley Reply Brief