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June 2020 Update

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Hello everyone!   This is Carol Buckley Frazier, John Calvin’s Aunt, and I wanted to share an update of my own with you.  I try to keep in close touch with John thru phones calls and emails, which can be challenging for John who has to find a phone available at the time is out of his [...]

May 2020 Update

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Update from John #2 So this should be an interesting topic to cover regarding medical care inside these prison walls. As most of you know, I’m a 100% service-connected disabled veteran (qualified several times over). I’m rated for severe PTS—TBI (traumatic brain injury), a prosthetic shoulder, degenerative disc disease, recurring malaria, hearing loss and lots of [...]

April 2020 Update

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April 20th, 2020 Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these despite my aunt’s urging. To be honest guys, I try not to bombard you with my negativity. Unfortunately it seems that my life is mostly negative—although to be fair, I shoulder it well. I can’t remember if I’ve done an [...]

October 2019 Update

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I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, but we lost our webmaster months ago and have only very recently found someone to take this responsibility on for us ---we are very grateful! Since John last sent us an update to post, he has been moved 2 times and is now back at [...]

A Wrongly Imprisoned Veteran’s Soul Sings From Behind Bars

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One of the ways John is able to cope with being wrongly imprisoned, and with the memories of dangerous years in the Middle East, is to write poetry and songs. Here we've attached two songs written by John and other friends as part of the Songwriting with Soldiers program. Shine We did 24 months [...]

Another birthday in prison for an innocent father and disabled veteran

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John will be 36 on Nov. 22nd and we’d love to be able to send him birthday encouragement from you!  If you would take a moment right now and post on the website or email, we will make sure he gets each and every one and I can assure you he will greatly appreciate it. John [...]

Letters from John: A Wrongly Imprisoned Vet Spends His Daughter’s Birthday Behind Bars

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[We received a heartbreaking message from John on his daughter's 10th birthday, a letter he asked we share with the world to demonstrate the vast disservice this decorated combat veteran and father has been paid by his country simply because he stood up for what is right.] John with his two daughters before being wrongly [...]

Letters from John: Can you help him out of his slump?

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It's difficult, and expensive, to stay in contact with family from prison. Most modes of communication are pay by the minute, and things like access to email kiosks are limited to ten minutes...not a lot of time to get your thoughts down. In this two-part letter John shares more about the constant danger he faces, as [...]