Project Description

John is joined by Matthew Epperson (#284812) on lead guitar and additional vocals.

There’s place in a faraway land
It’s in my blood, it defines me as a man
It’s in my soul, the only place where I’m not alone
I gotta get, I gotta get back home

Because I’m homesick
They got me kept away from everything that I love
I’m homesick
Why don’t you tell me son, when enough is enough

When I’m gone away, a piece of my heart’s gone, too
Nostalgia washes over me, and it hits me right on cue
I’m always drawn back to that place where my ancestors shed their blood
My flesh was sculpted from there, using that Colorado mud


When I close my eyes, I transport myself back in time
I can feel the dirt between my toes, I can feel that old evergreen pine
It ain’t easy being gone, especially against my will
Daydreaming, Rocky Mountain high, staring out the bars of my cell