Project Description

Deep in the darkness where the memories harken. Silence creeps like a shark
and I just don’t know where to go.
I close my eyes. I can hear myself breathin’. can hear my heart beatin’
and I don’t know where to go!

I can’t sleep…I can’t think about it anymore.
I can’t breathe…Somebody please save me!
Demons creep….It’s dark inside my dreams.
Sweet reprieve…Seems to allude me.

Time heals all, but I still hear it’s call because it torments my dreams.
I just need some peace.
Drowned in a drink, but I can’t even think. Pretty sure I just lost my mind.
Guess I just need some time…

I Still hear the voices. There were so many choices. I can’t stop it flowin,
cause my minds always goin’.
What I wouldn’t give. It was my life or his. Now I’m mired in fate
because of a moment of hate.