Project Description

What these eyes have seen. What they aint.
Nothin in my field of view but a wall with chippin paint.
It’s been too much for my soul so I sat down to sing these blues.
The days come and then they go. Hell, what’s the use…

Cause a weary soul won’t take too long to show
when the rains fall down. when they fall down.
And the blues know what it takes a weary soul to grow,
when the sorrows drown, when they drown…

Last night I drew my last breath, vivid in a dream.
Pay your dues till you realize that things ain’t what they seem.
Nothin’ good ever comes easy and it all comes with a cost.
Most times I can’t even remember all that I’ve lost.

Life can wear ya down slowly, make ya hard as a stone.
As much as I miss my family, it’s easier to be alone.
I wish my kids wouldn’t listen to these words as I lament.
One more year and I know my blood will pump cement.