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My husband and I just went to visit John last week—this is his first visitation since November of 22. And he’s been in Solitary confinement since December of 22, that’s 16 months…… all under illegal charges in retaliation for being a Whistleblower about the horrid conditions and abusive treatment at KY State Penitentiary. You can find a link here to a One-Page Ad John wrote and placed in the Louisville Courier Journal (https://www.justiceforjohnbuckley.com/johns-open-letter-to-ky-gov-beshear-ky-doc-).

KSP is the oldest prison in KY and solitary confinement is literally like a dungeon. If you read John’s more recent updates you will be shocked about where these inmates are being “housed”, how they are being treated, and just how isolated and closed off they are—from others, from light, from communicating with the outside world at all. John has one call a week he can make, he has no access to email, grass, sunlight, clean air and surroundings, a workout area, books, his guitar (which is his therapy, John is 100% TBI and PTSD). Visitation is just once a month (it has just opened back up since Covid lockdown) and it’s only for 1 hour. He can only have 3 people on his visitation list as possibilities and he only gets to change that list 2x per year during a specific time frame. I hope you will read some of these updates in “Letters from John” (https://www.justiceforjohnbuckley.com/category/letters-from-john/).

I personally can’t stop thinking about Alexie Navalny, the gulag in Siberia– what a horrible place for him to die – away from his family, alone in a cold bare cell, sick and under nourished, no heat and no comfort from a blanket or a pillow or a mattress. Nothing in his cell to give him comfort – like books, music, photos, access to email or TV, no visitors allowed, the harshest of environments. An honorable and brave man who stood strong in the face of violence, disdain and the ever-present and near possibility of injury and death.

In many ways, his situation reminded me of John Calvin’s. Both ended up in eerily similar places and circumstances they never deserved, both whistleblowers on systems of corruption and injustice. John has been in solitary for over a year in the oldest prison in Kentucky—KSP—where the Hole is literally a dungeon that is infested with mice and roaches. No circulating heat. Feces cover the walls where mentally ill inmates have thrown them because they’ve been driven insane by the isolation. John literally has as much as Navalny had in his cell and their cells look very similar in this picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say the John is the same as Navalny, that he is as great of a man and a world leader, and so you should admire him just the same. But I do think of John in the same way that I thought of Navalny when I knew he was in that Gulag in Siberia. Under harsh conditions that most men and women would buckle under and not be able to keep living, at least with any kind of mind left. But like Navalny, John has somehow managed to keep his sanity and to stand up for what is right, even as it has cost him his freedom inside and outside prison walls.

I worry for his health and his life and his lawyers do too, as we continue to move forward with a civil rights suit against the prison and KY DOC, as well as pursuing his exoneration. He is being retaliated against by prison administrators and guards. If you have a supportive message for John, please leave it below. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

If you’d like to give to our fundraiser, monies are going straight to a private eye and forensics expert and legal assistance that we’ve hired specifically to find new evidence to bring back to the state to appeal for a new trial. We have several directions to go in and connections that we know can help. Funds have never been unlimited and with all the costs associated with legal fees—and the ridiculous amount private contractors charge for basic hygienic needs, basic everyday items and communications in the prison system—Johns funds are dwindling quickly. Here is the link to find out more (https://www.justiceforjohnbuckley.com/the-fundraiser/) -and any amount is so appreciated! Thank you for caring about John Calvin and sharing these updates with your social connections, families and friends. We have hope!

If you’d like to receive John’s updates directly in your inbox, contact us here.



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