Even in his dire situation John continues to create art, including music and drawings like the one included here. This sketch is John’s view from the small ‘outside’ cage where he got one hour of time per week, often only offered at 2-3 am, out of the tiny solitary confinement cell where he spent more than six months  of his life confined to a steel box (NOTE: The United Nations considers more than 30 days of solitary cruel and unusual punishment).

You can help John, and other wrongly imprisoned military veterans, by signing our Change.org petition asking Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin to reopen this case and give John a fair trial.

If you think you have another way to help we’d love to hear that as well, please email us at JusticeForJohnBuckley@gmail.com. We’ve had an amazing outpouring of support from fellow veterans, Army buddies, the justice community and many more but if we’re going to get this noticed by the powers-that-be in Kentucky we need all the help we can get. Thank you again, and god bless.